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4/7/20:  The Falmouth Housing Authority is fully closed until Monday, 4/13/20.  This means that urgent administrative tasks will be completed remotely based on priority.   For emergency maintenance calls, please dial the main number at (508) 548-1977, and follow the instructions.  For all other calls, leave a voicemail and your call will be returned within 7 business days.  You may also wish to email us at info(at)falmouthhousing.org.


The Town of Falmouth provides COVID-19 Updates as they continue to monitor the spread of the novel coronavirus and coordinate regionally to make the best decisions for the safety of our residents.  Please visit their website for information.  Also register to receive electronic notifications about the Town of Falmouth Coronavirus updates and the activities of varies committees within the Town.  

UPDATE: 3/20/20 

Tenants, participants and the general public - TAKE NOTICE FROM THE CDC - 

Everyone can help prevent the spread of #COVID19. Call your doctor if you develop symptoms, have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19, or have recently traveled from an area with widespread or ongoing community spread of COVID-19. https://bit.ly/38zjnYo 

UPDATE: 3/18/20 (click to review newspaper ad published 3/20/20):  

In support of Governor Baker’s declared State of Emergency and with understanding of the vulnerable populations we exist to serve, the Falmouth Housing Authority is sharing information regarding its temporary change in general operating procedures.  We have temporarily suspended general walk-in traffic, activities & community partner events that convene on our properties.  We have asked our residents to suspend all tenant-led meetings and activities as well.  While it is unusual for a gathering of more than 10 to convene in the housing authority office, our goal is to reduce face-to-face interactions and encourage other forms of communication with the communities that we serve.  To that extent, we are continuing to maintain full staff and work to ensure that our applicants and tenants are housed, our landlords are paid, and our administrative & maintenance tasks are performed to the best of our ability. 


Our maintenance department will focus primarily on emergency work orders and working in environments where limited contact with our tenants is possible.  Regular work orders may be delayed 30 days or longer and this is subject to situation changes as determined by federal and state governmental entities.   


Our employees have been encouraged to stay home if they are sick and/or have been exposed to someone who is sick.  Our staff and tenants have been reminded through notices and postings regarding the importance of understanding the ways in which COVID-19 is transmitted and how to reduce the risk of exposure/infection. 


If you have business to conduct with the housing authority, we ask that you do not visit the office but rather contact us by telephone (508-548-1977), fax (508-457-7573), or email (info@falmouthhousing.org).  We are also working quickly to activate other online options via our website.  This temporary change of operations is scheduled to be in place until at least April 30, 2020.  Thank you for your support and understanding.  


Here are additional resources per the COVID-19 Response Command Center – Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)

Key Public Health Messages for All Residents:

  • Protect yourself by following public health advice about keeping your hands clean, and covering coughs and sneezes.

  • Stay home if you are sick.

  • Protect others who are most at risk of COVID-19 by keeping your distance from people (at least 6 feet away from others), especially those who are older, and people living with chronic health conditions.

  • If you are outside, avoid crowds.

  • Don’t shake hands or hug.

  • Stay connected to friends and loved ones by phone or through other technology.

  • Get information from trusted sources. Visit https://www.mass.gov/2019coronavirus for the latest news, case counts, and lab testing results.

  • Other resources for additional education: 

UPDATE - 3/12/20:  Whereas, on March 10, 2020, the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts declared that there now exists a state of emergency due to the outbreak of the 2019 novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Falmouth Housing Authority has suspended the convening of all housing authority-sponsored and/or partnership trainings and activities that occur on its public housing sites (Harborview, Rose Morin, Tataket, Salt Sea and Mayflower/Choate), and the Board Meeting scheduled for March 17, 2020 has been canceled.  The board meeting will be rescheduled (tentatively 3/24/20) and the housing authority will likely offer it via teleconference.  Updated meeting information will be posted at the Town of Falmouth and on this website's Agenda & Minutes page.  To learn more about COVID-19, please visit: 

MDPH: https://www.mass.gov/orgs/department-of-public-health
CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/

SECTION 8 UPDATE:  To learn more about the waiting list or to apply for the Section 8 HCV Program and/or the Mainstream Voucher Program,  using the centralized waiting list, please visit:http://www.section8listmass.org/


Note:  The Falmouth Housing Authority will administer its own Section 8 waiting list, which includes applications for the Mainstream Federal Voucher Program,  as of 5/1/20.  On 5/1/20, FHA will  transfer all applications for FHA from the Centralized list to its own internal list.  Applicants can continue to use the Centralized Waiting List should they wish to apply to other participating housing authorities after 4/30/20.  To see information, as listed in the Falmouth Enterprise and Cape Cod Times Newspapers, please click HERE.

FHA Tenants:  To report a general emergency, please call 9-1-1.  To report a unit emergency, you may reach our Maintenance Department, during our regular business hours and when the office is closed, by calling our main telephone number (508) 548-1977, and following the prompts.  


The Falmouth Housing Authority was established on August 16, 1948 under Article 98 of Chapter 121B of the General Laws governing the State of Massachusetts.  Its jurisdiction is the Town of Falmouth that includes Woods Hole, East Falmouth, West Falmouth, North Falmouth and Waquoit.  

FHA is committed to ensuring safe, decent and affordable housing by working cooperatively with community, state, federal and local officials.  FHA always endeavors to make the best use of all available resources so our residents and participants can live in an atmosphere of dignity and respect, free from discrimination.


Our agency provides housing opportunities through the federal rental housing assistance (Housing Choice Vouchers - also known as Section 8 and DIAL Vouchers) and Massachusetts state housing programs. We also monitor 40b-approved affordable rental and home purchase properties. The majority of our program funding comes from:

Our programs and properties are targeted to assist low, very low, and extremely low-income households. The vast majority of our client households are extremely low-income families, seniors, veterans, persons with disabilities, and formally homeless. Working together with landlords, housing developers, charities and local governments, we strive to provide housing and support services to as many eligible families as possible. This website will be developed to provide service to our applicants, residents, landlords and the community by providing helpful information regarding the housing authority, its policies and procedures, the application, income-calculation and grievance process.


We look forward working with you and appreciate your comments.


The Falmouth Housing Authority will be accepting applications for its state-aided (705 program) 2, 3 and 4 bedroom family housing waiting lists. There are no units available at this time.

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The MA standard application is available for download here

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