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Section 8 / Housing Choice Vouchers
Where Do You Want to Live?

There are many variables to consider as you search for a place to live.  You will want to keep in mind considerations such as:

 - Location/Neighborhood/Safety

 - Schools and day care availability

 - Employment opportunities

 - Access to public transportation/distance to travel to work



Your voucher is portable, which means that it will move with you to a new location.  That location can be in your neighborhood or county,   or anywhere else in the nation!  There may be conditions or limits associated with the portability, so be sure to discuss your intent to move with your housing authority representative.  

Finding a Unit

Below are resources within and near the Town of Falmouth that advertise rental opportunities or are have known to have worked with the housing authority in the past.  

Falmouth Enterprise  

Cape Cod Times  

Local Real Estate Agencies

Woods Hole Institute

Go Section 8

Falmouth Housing Corporation (508) 540-4009

Cedar Meadows Apartments (508) 540-2828

Clipper Ship Apartments (508) 444-8711

Village Green Apartments (Hyannis) (508) 534-9643

Coady School Residences (Bourne) (774) 338-4800

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