Board of Commissioners

The Falmouth Housing Authority is governed by a Board of Commissioners, consisting of five (5) members, in accordance with Chapter 121B of the General Laws. 

The Massachusetts Open Meeting Law must be followed at all sessions. 

Click here to review the Open Meeting Law Guide.

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All members, with the exception of one (1) state appointee, are elected by the Town for a period of five (5) years.  The state appointee is also appointed for the period of five (5) years and re-appointments are made at the discretion of the State.  ​

The Board of Commissioners holds it General Session monthly meetings on the second Tuesday (or as scheduled) of each month at 1:00 pm at either the Harborview or the Tataket Apartments Community Room.  The Commissioners will meet in special session as necessary when important matters arise which necessitate a vote of the Board that cannot be delayed until the next general session.  An Executive Session may be convened (M.G.L. Chapter 39, Sect. 23B) for various reasons (see here).  This type of meeting is not open to the general public and the Board may vote on when to release its minutes, based upon the subject matter. 


The Annual Meeting of the Board and the election of officers is held annually in May.  

The current elected and appointed Board of Commissioners, with the expiration date of their term, are as follows:

  • Patricia Favulli, Chair - State Appointee (Exp. 2021) 

  • Robert Mascali (Exp. 2025)

  • Stephen Patton (Exp. 2024)

Board of Commissioners may be reached, in writing (sealed envelopes, please) or via email:


c/o The Falmouth Housing Authority

115 Scranton Avenue

Falmouth, MA  02540  

Email: (Note: Emails sent to this address are directed to the Board of Commissioners (BOC) only; the Executive Director (ED) is not copied on these emails; however the BOC will likely share the email with the ED).