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Request for Proposals / Bids

How to Do Business with FHA

For small projects, $0-$50k, follow M.G.L. c149 - Building Construction Contracts with Labor.  To review this information, please click here.

General Davis-Bacon Act Information

Employee Rights Under the Davis-Bacon Act Poster (must be posted on all federal or federally assisted construction projects)

Davis-Bacon Act Wage Determination Link

McNamara-O'Hara Service-Contract Information and Wage Determination Link

HUD Form 5369 - Instructions for Bidders for Contracts

HUD Form 5370 - General conditions for construction Contracts Rev 1-2014

HUD Form 5370-C General conditions for Non-construction contracts

HUD Form 5370-EZ General conditions for Small Construction contracts

Davis Bacon Payroll Form (Form WH347)

Davis Bacon Payroll Form (Instructions)

Massachusetts Weekly Certified Payroll Report 

Note:  FHA is exempt from payment of Federal, State, and local government taxes.  Contractor shall collect no tax from FHA, and FHA shall not be liable to pay any taxes imposed on Contractor.  FHA will provide its tax exemption status information to Contractor upon request.

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