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Tenant Selector

The purpose of the Tenant Selector is to support the mission of FHA in a wide range of activities related to determining and documenting housing applicants for federally subsidized (voucher/project-based program) eligibility, income, rent and contractual relationships with owners in support of the program operations using written administrative policies and procedures, and HUD regulations. Provides CORI/SORI checks for all housing program applicants (federal and state). The position requires full accountability for assigned cases, including accurate and complete files, reporting, resolution of customer service cases and responsiveness to tenant, participant and landlord inquiries related to the new lease up process. Tenant selector will show vacant units and walk applicants through the lease up process.   Full-time (35 hours per week; union position).  Salary range: $43,356 to $48,750.  A minimum of 5 years case management experience is strongly preferred.  To apply for this position, please forward a resume of your experience to Leslie Pearce, Assistant Director.  

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